David Breeden - Trumansburg
I had SnugPlanet  do an energy audit on my home, and then do some of the suggested work to make the home more energy efficient,  including installing a new high-effic iency furnace and tankless hot water heater. They were great to work with, and I'd recommend them to anyone! The folks who did the audit were very good about letting me come with them, and explaining  what they were doing while they were doing it. The work that they suggested was reasonable  in scope and in price, and they did it in the way they said they were going to do it, for the price they said they'd charge,… (read more)
Cynthia Kinsland - Ithaca
I've hired Snug twice now (one large, multi-face ted job, one single room job). Both times they have been perfect. Unfortunately, they ruined other contractor s for me. I used to think "that's just the way it is" when people would delay, be late, leave a bit of a mess, whatever. Now, I have no patience for that nonsense.
Nick Goldsmith - Ithaca
I wanted to express that both Vivian and I are extremely satisfied with the work and service that Snug Planet provided. We thought that your crew and the whole process in general was professional. And we really appreciate that you worked with our scheduling constraints. We are very excited to have improved the efficiency of our new home and believe our money is well spent.