I'd use them again without a doubt

David Breeden - Trumansburg

I had SnugPlanet do an energy audit on my home, and then do some of the suggested work to make the home more energy efficient, including installinga new high-efficiency furnace and tankless hot water heater. They were great to work with, and I'd recommend them to anyone! The folks who did the audit were very good about letting me come with them, and explaining what they were doing while they were doing it. The work that they suggested was reasonable in scope and in price, and they did it in the way they said they were going to do it, for the price they said they'd charge, and at the times they said they would. They made sure that we were without hot water for only a small amount of time, and made a point of scheduling the furnace install for a day when we didn't need heat. And beyond that, they discovered that we had overpaid them, and made a point of sending us a check without us asking. I'd use them again without a doubt.