Mini-split Heat pumps

Efficient, all-electric heating and cooling 

Air source heat pumps are a super-efficient way to heat and cool your home using electricity.  They are a great solution for sunrooms, additions, and bonus rooms.  If you're looking to reduce your use of electric baseboard, oil, or propane, a mini-split heat pump may be a great solution for you.  If you're building a new house, a mini-split heat pumps offer a fossil-free alternative to a central heating system.

How do heat pumps work?

In winter, heat pumps extract heat from outdoor air and bring it into your house.  But wait, you ask...  How can you get heat from cold air?  Special gases known as refrigerants, which are contained within the heat pump system, can absorb even the tiny amounts of heat present in air as cold as -13F.  A compressor concentrates the heat, which is then released inside the house. 

In the summer, the process is reversed in air conditioning mode.  The heat pump absorbs heat inside the house and moves it out, keeping the house cool.  In the process, it also extracts humidity.

Modern heat pumps are designed to function in cold climates, maintaining full heat output at temperatures well below 0F.  They are an extremely efficient way to heat using electricity.  For each unit of electricity used to run a heat pump, the system can produce 3-4 units of useful heat.  That makes them 3-4 times more efficient than electric baseboard or space heaters!  They are also 2-3 times more efficient at cooling than window air conditioners and much quieter.

Is a heat pump right for you?

We'd love to talk to you to figure out if mini-split heat pump is a good choice for your house.  Contact us today to set up an appointment!