Heat Recovery Ventilators

Ithaca's source for efficient ventilation

If you're living in or building an efficient, tight house, Snug recommends a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) for indoor air quality.  HRVs bring in fresh air directly from outside and distribute it to the living space.  They also remove stale air, preventing buildup of moisture, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants.  An HRV, together with common sense moisture control measures in your basement and crawlspace, can dramatically reduce or eliminate window condensation, mustiness, and other symptoms of poor indoor air.


Get rid of the pollutants, keep the heat

HRVs do exactly what their name suggests--ventilating (exchanging fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air), while recovering the heat in the outgoing stale air and transferring it to the incoming air.  Inside the HRV unit is a heat exchange core where the incoming and outgoing air streams pass close to each other through a network of fine channels.  About 75% of the heat is transferred, pre-warming the incoming air.  Efficient fan motors minimize electric costs.

Is an HRV right for your home?

Snug Planet lives by the motto, "Build Tight, Ventilate Right."  We recommend HRVs for all new construction.  If you're building a new home, contact us today to talk about how we can help you achieve your comfort, efficiency, and air quality goals.  HRVs can make sense for existing houses too.  Our comprehensive energy audit/home assessment is designed to identify common pollutant sources and measure existing air exchange--information that can help you decide is an HRV is right for you.