Efficient water heating

Looking for a safe, reliable, Earth-friendly water heater?  Snug Planet has some great options!  We are happy to talk to you about which makes the most sense for your household.

Did you know... 

In New York, water heating is about 17% of total household energy use.

Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to extract heat from indoor air and transfer it to your domestic hot water.  Compared to conventional electric water heaters, they use one half to one third the electricity.  Although they cost more than conventional water heaters, this added cost is typically repaid in 5 years or less in energy savings.  In the warmer months, heat pump water heaters have the added benefit of providing some cooling and dehumidification.  Heat pump water heaters are a great choice for people looking to replace an existing electric, propane, or oil water heater.  They also make sense for households looking to transition away from natural gas to an all-electric, solar-powered home.

Tankless natural gas/propane water heaters

Tankless ("on-demand") units heat water only when its needed, avoiding standby losses.  The savings are most noticeable for smaller households with low hot water use.  Because the units themselves are small (about they size of a suitcase), they can free up floor space.  With tankless water heaters, you never need to worry about running out of hot water.  The most frequently mentioned downside of tankless water heaters is that hot water can take longer to reach the tap.



Energy Star gas/propane tank-style water heaters

Modern Energy Star tank-style water heaters are considerably more efficient than older tanks.  Snug Planet installs only power-vented models, which blow their exhaust through PVC out the side or back of the house.  Power venting eliminates safety concerns associated with chimney-vented equipment, and may allow you to eliminate a chimney entirely.

Indirect water heaters

If you have (or are planning) a high-efficiency natural gas boiler, an indirect tank heated by the boiler may be your best option.  Indirect tanks are efficient and durable.  Because they can draw on the full output of the boiler, they recover temperature quickly when drained.

Contact us today.  We'd be happy to work with you to determine which water heater is best for your situation.